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For Sale By Owner Imaging Equipment

. . .


bone density


Angiography cardiac Philips modele fd10 or fd20 -






Raytheon   325

Raytheon 325 generator 300 ma@ 125/ cvp elevates table 4 way float. Fm tube stand Upright buckie Fully operational Works great 4500.00

Raytheon 325

Siemens   Mamomat novationDr/

Mamography Digital

Siemens   Oncor Expression

Unit is still in use and in good condition

Siemens Oncor Expression

Bone Densitometers . . .

Hardly used DEXA. Approx. 200 scans since 2004. Internal Medicine office.


GE Lunar   DPX-IQ

GE Lunar   Prodigy

This machine is in great condition. Will upload photo at later date.

GE Lunar   Prodigy 7396

2001 GE Lunar Prodigy #7396, Serial Number 60809, 8' Table, Encore Software, Computer Console, Calibration Block, Total Body Scanning, AP Spine, Femur, Dual Femur, Module Cart

GE Lunar   Proidgy

Low usage Bone Densitometer available immediately - moving to a new office - no room to take Densitometer with us


This bone density scanner was last used in the summer of 2010. It is complete and in good and functional condition. Serial No. 30171.

GE-LUNAR DPX-IQ        2288/CREB

General Electric LUNAR   8548

Excellent condidtion. Minimal use.

Hologic   Discovery

Hologic Discovery DXA with BMI. Low use. Serviced by Hologic.

Hologic Discovery

Hologic   Discovery A

Full compliment APEX software package, golden service package. Can be seen at Mobile unit is low mileage - fully contained, generator/UPS/Heating/AC/Auto Level.

Hologic   Discovery C

Excellent condition




Hologic   Explorer

2 DEXAs systems buyed in 2007, ready to use. Change of machine was mandatory in order to run the TBS score software.

hologic   QDR4000


Hologics   SAHARA

USe good condition with:Travel (wheeled bag)(2), manuel,clinical care software (floppy), user guide VHS, foot brace (2),power supply, QC Phantom, exam paper, rolls printer paper, gel, wipes

Lunar   iDXA

Used only for research, like new.

lunar   Prodigy Advanced

Norland   XR Eclipse 432A027

Taken from working doctors office. In good condition.

Norland  XR Eclipse 432A027

Norland   XL

My Norland Bone Dens by Tom Forbes

Norland XL

C-Arms . . .

I have a siemons that you are looking for that we need to sale

GE/OEC   9800

I will send you a picture. Please give me time to get one uploaded. James

HOLOGIC   FluoroScan mini c

Mini-C Arm

OEC   7700 Compact

Used less than a few dozen times total. Includes patient scan table.

OEC 7700 Compact

OEC   9600

Please contact me for more information

OEC 9600

Philips   BV Pulsera

2002 Philips BV Pulsera 9 inch Image Intensifier

Philips BV Pulsera

Philips   BV-Endura

BV Endura with new batteries in good working condition, we need to sell in order to take care of some business opportunities.


Perfect working condition. Closing satellite pain management office. Have fluoro table as well.

Siemens   Axiom Artis BC

We can offer located in Germany: Axiom Artis BC For more details please contact us e-mail: Best Regards

Toshiba   Infinix DPI/FD

I am selling this piece of equipment for a Customer. Would you be interested in purchasing?


Dear sir, plz send me quotation and image,manuf.year,total used year.thank you Rupali


Sparingly use Ziem C-arm, in excellent condition Also has RadioFrequency and monitoring equipment for sale


Ziehm   35050A

Reg # MO490225 Serial # 60243

Cath Labs . . .

we are thr buyers, so plz send me lowest price regards Khaqan


we are looking for Cath Lab machine, year of manufactured betweed 2000 to 2010, we like brands like, GE, Siemens, Phillips and Toshiba.

Siemens   Axiom Artis BA bi-plane

Please email us at for all info

Siemens Axiom Artis BA bi-plane

Siemens   PandorosOptimatic Digital

Equipo Siemens Pandoros Optimatic digitalizado en 2004 ANGIO PCI 2001 HLR se encuentra en depósito desde 2009.

Toshiba   Infinix

Toshiba Infinix Cath Lab was operating with no probems. Lost Lease on building and had to move out. System is deinstalled and stored in warehouse. Ready to be shipped.

Toshiba Infinix

Toshiba   Infinix

It is a 2002 Infinix. They had a CC1 Flat panel upgrade done in Aug of 03. The instrument has been de-installed. Please let me know if you are interested in this item or if you would like more information.

CT Scanners . . .


Elscint   CT Flash Twin

Bought a building that came with this CT Scanner. Also came with two transformers: EZEM:PercuPump1A

Elscint CT Flash Twin

Elscint   CT Twin Flash

Complete equipment.

Elscint   CT Twin Flash

Fully Funtional Working Perfectly when de-installed. Removed to make room for a new one. Tube was replaced by a new one on 2011

Elscint CT Twin Flash

GE   BrightSpeed Excel

I can send you the full specs with an email address. Thank you!

GE   Highlight Advantage

GE Highlight Advantage

GE   HiSpeed NX/i series 7.03

model 2247006 serial 865328YM9 gantry revolutions since 03/211/02 :4921430 current MAS 40816377.5 GE HISPEED NX/i pro Dual slice ct scanner ACR accredited CTAP# 50184-01. Can email pictures

GE   LightSpeed

Brand New Tube 2/16/2011;

GE   LightSpeed Plus QXi

GE MODEL LIGHTSPEED QX1 - Year 2001. With H2 Gantry, 4-Slice, 1 Console with Dual Monitors, 6.3 Performex Tube installed in 2012, Tube, 1,974,774; Gantry with 5 million rotations. Octane computer, Console Software SGI Octane; DICOM Compatib

GE LightSpeed Plus QXi

GE   Prospeed

The CT Tube is less than one year old w/ 33,500 slices used.





fully loaded system has volume shuttle for perfusion 8cm coverage along with 5 BEAT cardiac CT.UNDER CMC of GE compony.


HITACHI   aquilion 64

Hitachi   CB MercuRay

Properly maintained and serviced. Upgraded to include low-dose 2mA setting in addition to 15mA. Scan size and resolution from 190mm spherical volume with 0.376mm voxels to 102mm volume with 0.2mm voxels. All scans take 10 seconds.

Hitachi CB MercuRay

Hitachi   Mercuray

Excellent condition. Has been maintained regularly since it was installed. The computer was replaced in August 2011. I don't have a picture, but I can take one. It looks like the day it was installed.

ILUMA   0712121

Iluma CT Scanner. Ultra Cone Beam Scanner. 2007 Model 0712121. Located in RI. Paid 250k eill sell for 10k or best offer. You pick it up and haul it away. Please call 401-527-9597.

ILUMA 0712121

Philips   Tomoscan M

PICKER   PQ 2000

Picker   PQ-5000

New tube was installed in 2012. CT is in good working condition.

Seimens   SomatomSpirit 2ctScanner

We are obtaining bids to sell the unit.

Siemens   Brightspeed

We have one Siemens Brightspeed VXF Plus for sale.

Siemens Brightspeed

Siemens   emotion 6

Siemens emotion 6

siemens   multi slice

Siemens   Somatom Spirit

Somatom Spirit

Siemens   Spirit

Dual slice CT scanner in immaculate condition cosmetically. Low useage facility needs to divest itself of this system.

Siemens Spirit

Siemens   Volume Zoom or Sensation

We look for a customer in Africa for a Siemens 4 Slice

Siemens Somatom   03815490

Great CT machine! This machine has been consistent for patient care and image quality. I have all photos together and upload is too large of format, so I can send and email or follow instructions at the end of this registration. Thank you.

vital images   vitrea workstation

additional workstation that was purchased with Toshiba Aquilion for cardiac CTA reconstruction. The workstation is in perfect condition,we no longer perform cardiac CTA.

Xoran   miniCAT

ENT/Sinus CT scanner. Small footprint, (fits in 8'x10' room) plugs into standard 110V outlet. Includes workstation, lead shield and miniPACS.

Xoran   MiniCAT 9170-00CE-0000A

Xoran MiniCAT Serial XMU05178. Excellent Condition. Updated on Nov 2012 & Tested by West Physics Nov 2012. Purchased Brand new at $248,000

Xoran MiniCAT 9170-00CE-0000A

XORAN   MiniCAT 9170-00CE-000A

Xoran MiniCAT Model 9170-00CE-0000A Serial XMU05178. Updated with new software and parts by Xoran Nov 2012. West Physics tested Nov 2012. Entire System with workstation. Original Owner. Excellent Condition. $29,000 obo

XORAN MiniCAT 9170-00CE-000A

Fluoroscopy Equipment . . .


equipo de fluoroscopia


We need xray fluoroscopy



GE   GE Prestige UH remote RF

11997 GE prestige VH remote RF system. Still installed and working. Will be removed on 8-26-2017

GE GE Prestige UH remote RF

ge vipro  

screening machine working condition like new

ge vipro

Orthoscan   Mobile DI

Digital Mini Fluoroscopy with video recording capability and Electronic Medical Record Integration capability

phillips   eleva

phillips diagnost eleva rad/ flo unit complete

phillips eleva

siemens   AXIOM ICONOS R200


Mammography Equipment . . .



GE   Senograph

We may have a 2006 GE Senograhy with little usage available for sale.

GE Senograph


Equipment is down/ Error 33/ FE told us it needs new board would run us 2000 for board and labor

Lorad   stereotactic premier

We have a Lorad stereotactic premier biopsy table available along with 2 rollerscope MLs. almost perfect condition. I have more PICs to show condition. You interested in these?

Lorad stereotactic premier

Lorad Elite  

Lorad Elite Mammogram Machine two sets of foot pedals

Lorad Elite

Siemens   Mammomat 3000

Siemens   Mammomat Nova 3000 w/ Opd



MRI Equipment . . .




Agfa   Drystar 5300 and 3000

Looking for offers we are the landlords of an MRI center out of business we have 1 x Drystar 5300 and 1 x Drystar 3000

Electro Impulse   49660-480-UL

MRI chiller culled from scrapped MRI. Good condition. Works.

Esaote   C Scanner

Fully operational dedicated extremity mri unit., 0.2 T Unit and computer fits in a small exam room and does not require a separate pavillion. Scans fingers up to elbow and feet up to knee. Perfect for Orthopedic office or Podiatry office.

Esaote C Scanner

Fonar   Upright

We have a 2004 Fonar Upright MRI magnet for sale. The magnet is in perfect condition and is serviced every month by a Fonar technician.

GE   Lightspeed 4 Slice

GE Lightspeed 4 Slice

GE   Signa 1Tesla

Chiller, Helium Pump, Cold Head, Table, Coil assortment.

GE Signa 1Tesla

Hitachi   2000 Airis II 0.3

Coils: Quad head, C-Spine, Shoulder, High Performance wrist, knee, medium body flex, large flex body, xl flex body, volumetric neck and extremity, quad extremit. 5.1H software FSE MRA DICOM

Hitachi   Airis

I have 30 Trans Modules, 28 Synthe modules, and 18 Receive Modules for the Hitachi Airis system. Thank you, Dallas Baldwin

Hitachi Airis

Hitachi   Airis II 0.3T Open

Hitachi   Altaire

Please call to discuss this machine. It is currently installed and operational, used every day.

Hitachi   Aries elite

working model

Hitachi   C289 Airus II

Airus II excellent condition for sale. Looking to upgrade.....

Hitachi Airis I   KR18994801

Fantastic and consistent MRI machine. It is still going strong and very consistent for patient care. This machine is considered open and can hold up to 500 pounds.

Siemens   04762477K2161

This MRI machine is not in use due to operative issues. The machine looks nice but is in need of repair. I can explain in further detail if interested in this piece.




siemens   Magnetom c

Mri scan for purchase

toshiba   opart .325t

Good condition, worked fine as of 12-15-2011.

Nuclear Medicine Equipment . . .
ADAC   Cardio MD

ADAC Cardio MD

adac/phillips   forte and vertex

DigiRad   Cardius 3XPOL

excellent condition

elekta   precise sim neutron simul

ex nhs elekta neutron simulator. model precise sim. 2002 yr. fully servced monthly by elekta. working perfectly. all schedules and manuals. all accesories. £12,000. call 07508 066122 anytime.

Philips   ADAC Vertex V60 Epic-HP

Hello, I have just received into inventory a Philips Vertex V60 Epic-HP. If you are interested in this unit please contact me via email or phone. Thanks

Philips   Cardio MD

1 Each 2005 Cardio MD , Dual Head nuclear camera with Cedars software 1 Each 2002 Cardio MD , Dual Head nuclear camera , Sling Blade/ Cedars

Philips Cardio MD

Seimense   C-Cam Serial # 05040501

The C Cam was purchased in 2005. We had service agreement with Siemens for few years and then with BC Technical. We have been using this camera for only one day /week and our physician is retiring and wants to sell it. It is in excellen

Seimense C-Cam Serial # 05040501

siemens   RS 7500

setup for cardiac nuclear stress tests. Orbiting camera, table, cardiac trigger monitor.

siemens RS 7500

Siemens   Symbia S SPECT

Oncology Equipment . . .
Elekta   synergy platform

I also have a varian IX HDR afterloader, ADAC pinnacle treatment planning system, and brachyvision treatment planning system.

Kodak   2000RT Plus CR Onc Imag

2000 RT Plus CR Oncology Imaging System with Dosimetry package

Philips   Acqsim

2005 Philips Acqsim last PM'd 2013, great condition working unit. Tube replaced 2009 comes with all the bells and whistles this system normally has

Siemens   MXE2

Linear Accelerator with 58 leef MLC

Siemens   ONCOR

Unit will be replaced in October 2011. Are you interested to buy this system ? with best regards Michael Sonntag

Siemens   Primus

2003 Siemens Primus (installed in 2004) 58 MLC Leaves, IMRT Ability Photon Energies: 6,18 Electron Energies: 6, 9, 12, 18, 21 Siemens serviced unit since installation Software 7.2 ZXT Treatment Table Beam hours: 1,224

Siemens   PrimusK

Energies: 6,18 photon, 6,9,12,15,18,21 electron, beamview II, 58 leaf MLC, cones and wedges,XYZ table, software rev. 6.5. Used daily 30 + patients. Removal mid December.

skELNxzywg   YLFXqhOWgpL


PET Scanners . . .


Adac   Cpet plus

My doctor has an ADAC CPET PLUS Scanner that is currently being used. We are looking into purchasing something newer. I would like to know how much I can possibly get from selling this system? Thank You, Hung Bui

Adac Cpet plus

Philips   Gemini

Philips   Gemini

Philips   Mosaic

Philips Mosaic

Philips   Mosaic

Phillips   Allegro

Phillips Allegro

Phillips/ADAC   C-PET Plus

ADAC C-PET Plus, manufactured 08/2001. Good condition.

Phillips/ADAC C-PET Plus

siemens   Ecat/Accel

Siemens Pet scanner Ecat/Accel 2003

siemens Ecat/Accel

Ultrasound Machines . . .
acusion   3V2c prob

Cardic Probe in perfect conditon

acusion 3V2c prob

acuson   128×p/10

Purchased from retiribg md in ongoing practice moved from inservice office location to storage . Purchased august 2013 change of plans ;

acuson 128×p/10

Acuson   Aspen ImageGate

Comes with Sony Color Printer and L5 Transducer. Good Condition. Please make a offer.

Acuson Aspen ImageGate

acuson   sequoia 512

price ultrasound machine acuson sequoia 512 probe convex and trasnvaginal, linear.

Acuson   Sequoia 512

Mitsubishi CP800 Printer CRT Monitor Includes original software and manuals Includes the following probes: 15L8W Linear Array EV-8C4 Intracavity 4V1 Sector Array 6C2 Curved Array 6L3 Linear Array

Hitachi   HiVision 6500

We are looking to sell asap. If you are interested, please provide a quote. Thank you

Philips   ATL HDI 5000

5 X ATL HDI 5000 All Machines have two probes linear and curved.

Philips ATL HDI 5000

Philips   Envisor C

Description:Phillips Envisor C-HD Serial No. USD 0405545 Tranducers are: C5-2, C8-4V There is also a Sony HDB&W printer attached.

philips   hd-11

HD-11 2008 1.0.8 software 3D9-3V and c5-2 transducers, excellent condition

philips   HD11 XE

6 days to process the buying

Philips   HD11xe

Excellent condition, shared service, cardiac, stress echo, vascular, LIVE OB 4D machine. Doctor upgraded to a newer, GE Voluson product from us. Also have 2 C arms. Philips BV Pulsera, 2007 and a Siemens Advantac. 773-294-5030

Philips   iU22

Purchased new in 2005, iU22 with DICOM, L 8-4, C 5-2 and P 4-2 transducers. Also has Sony color printer and Mitsubishi VCR. Vascular calc package.

Philips   MCMD02AA

Philips HD11XE USO063494 Type 4535 612 34312

Philips MCMD02AA

Seimens   Sonoline Sienna

Seimens Sonoline Sienna Model # GM6600A2A00, comes with both 7.5 and 3.5 probes

siemens   cypress

Cypress rev 12 cardiac ultrasound with 3V2C cardiac Transducer, excellent condition, asking 5K

siemens cypress

Simense   Sonoline prima

I have a Simense sonoline prima Ultrasound with Vaginal and Abdominal probes in excellent condition. All probes and everything including Sony printer works.

Sono Site   micromax

Laptop SONOSite micromax 2009. with both probes. battery charger

Sono Site micromax

Sonoline Anters   IP7303386

Aged, but still a great machine that gets the job done! This ultrasound machine has had the same tech treat it well for many years.

Summit Doppler   AVS

Summit Doppler like new. 5 cuffs 2 probes Report Software Rolling stand with basket Paper

Summit Doppler AVS

Summit doppler   Vista AVS

ABI machine like new. We only used it on a few patients so it is like new. It Has 5 cuffs(1 toe cuff) Report software, 2 probes, paper, rolling stand with basket. Contact me if interested Eric or (210)385-0412

Summit doppler Vista AVS

Toshiba   Nemio

Virtually new, perfect condition, abdominal and avginal probes. Quit ob two years ago and just sitting in my office

X-Ray Equipment . . .

X-Ray Equiptment


x-ray systems available : (8 units complete new ) EL-DRY-4000





  Emerald 125

Equipment was removed from Orthopedic office because office closed.

 Emerald 125

100 Plus  

Used 100 Plus x-ray processor. Equipment is in good working condition. Only reason for selling is clinic has moved to digital.

100 Plus

AFP   AFP Mini Med 90

Closing Orthopedic Practice. Lightly used, regular maintenance AFP Mini Med 90 x-ray processor. Professionally drained and uninstalled for storage.

AFP AFP Mini Med 90

AFP   Mini Med 90

Went digital, gently used Mini Med 90...low volume office, had monthly PM done while in service. Serviceman cleaned and uninstalled unit properly for storage. Also has 8 rare earth green cassettes and film bin.


Great Condition, well maintained. Will sell processor, cassettes and film bin and will provide records of maintenance


Americomp   Spectra325e

Americomp Spectra 325e with complete tube and wall buckey set-up. Unit is functional and immediately available. Moving clinic and discontinuing radiology services. Excellent working condition and used seldom.

Americomp Spectra325e

Americomp   Summit AC1-SE

Americomp Summit AC1-SE Chiropratic Imaging System, AFP Mini Med 90 Automatic Film Processor, lead protective x-ray screen with casters, film storage bin, cassettes and various other accessories. Complete system, used less than 10 times.

Americomp Summit AC1-SE

AMRAD   E0143-01-002-P


BARCO   MDCC-2121, MDRC-2120

fOUR Monitors - 2 EACH OF Barco MDCC-2121 and MDRC-2120

BARCO MDCC-2121, MDRC-2120

Bennett   BP-60211-AT B60212

80 Prog A/T Serial B9423 Transformer T-325 Serial # b9423 Tubestand (S-82-T4), Floating Table (A-180M4F)S/N B-9423 *B52-8100W Tube AD86343, and *D-525 Cables

Bennett   D 325

Bennett xray unit for weight bearing films used in a chiropractic office. Equipment is fully functional.

Bennett D 325

Bennett   D325

Bennett D325

Bennett   HFQ 300

This is a very clean and terrific piece of machinery! It shoot great pics and you will be pleased. Has an anatomical keypad with Yochum and Rowe. Comes with all the xtras, gonad shielding, calipers, 3 cassettes, markers and Konica Q X 70

Bennett HFQ 300

Bennett   HFQ 300/300SE

HF Bennett X-ray Machine.

Bennett HFQ 300/300SE

Bennett   HFQ-300

Bennett HF xray machine. This a very nice looking and clean machine that shoot great pics. It is in terrific shape! Anatomical programmed keypad for easy setup. Includes extras.

Bennett HFQ-300

Bennett   HFQ-300SE

AEC Autotech Anatomical Selections

Bennett HFQ-300SE

de Gotzen srl   Image X System

Image X System is designed for intra oral radiography and consists of: X-ray monoblock (type - Image X) Articulating positioning arm (type - soft positioner) Micro processor controlled timer (type - X Mind)

de Gotzen srl Image X System

Del medical  

Whole xray room was purchased from a storage locker auction this is the whole room table equimpment tower etc. Motivated seller

Del medical

Dupont Cronex   Quanta III Screens

5 8"x10" extremity cassettes 1 15"x52" leg length cassette

Eureka Xray Tube Co.   Emerald 125

Company: Eureka Xray Tube CO. Model: Emerald 125 Cat Number: 52-08101 Insert Radius: 8 mm Serial Number: A055144 Focal Spot: 1.0-2.0 KVP INH Filter: 0.6 Max KVP: 125 Manufactured at C on June 1985

Eureka Xray Tube Co. Emerald 125

EZ-EM   9800

EZ-EM single head power injector on pedestal with touch screen and extravasation detection

Fischer   Emerald-125T

with processor all in working condition

Fisher   Classic E

Fisher X-ray developer. In good shape, serviced every 5 to 6 weeks. No problems. Comes with Cassette's if needed.

Fisher Classic E

Fuji Medical Systems   FM-DP L Laser Imager

Dry laser imager with 48MP page buffer memory. 3 input ports.

Fuji Medical Systems FM-DP L Laser Imager

G.E   AMX 3



routine single phase x-ray unit with floating table top and upright stationary grid

GE   0

GE   46-15848061

single phase 200MA unit with floating table and upright film holder


Portable x-ray


Available 4/1/2014

GE Silhouette HF   HFQ-8000P

Great machine! All parts work great! Extremely well made and consistent for patient care. I have a photo in a group but can send out all photos.

Gendex-Del   GX525

This is a complete setup from a Chiropractic office. Every component is in excellent serviceable condition. We have the processor and films box as well as extra chemicals and films. There are 8 cassettes in 3 sizes.

Gendex-Del GX525

G-M-E   2000

Product is in a very good state! Working! Ok......

G-M-E 2000

G-M-E   2000

Product is in a very good state! Working! Ok......

G-M-E 2000

H.G. Fisher   F5-T4-300

HCMI   1500

High Frequency 100kHZ Unit with digital controls. comes with 4 8X10 cassettes, 2 10X14 cassettes, calipers, R/L marker, lead Shield, Gonad Shield, Agfa gravity fed x-ray processor with chemicals. All in great working condition and at a gre

HCMI 1500

HCMI   HF-300

Health Care Manufacturing Inc, High Frequency unit and bucky. Works great. Have all dosimetry reports and operating manuals.


hologic/trex   rad 4000 ER system

Hologic radiographic equipment that has been used "lightly" for the past 13 years at a once per week orthopedic clinic. It has some life in it and it has been very well-kept. I am sorry I do not have a photograph at this time but I will g

iCR   iCR-1000SL

The iCR-1000SL is a x-ray film digitizer and it has software to send images to a radiologist. I also have the software dongle key. Also the computer with everything set-up on it.

iCR iCR-1000SL

IDC   Xplorer 1600

Dedicated Chest room with digital detector

IDC Xplorer 1600

JPI   JPI-33

Used Automatic X-Ray Film Processor for 120VAC/60Hz.



We have an xray processor we would like to sell. It is a Kodak RP X-OMAT model# M6B, 90 second processor. It is about 10 years old and works great. Thanks.

konica   qx60a

has a KMA Eureka mc model emerld 130 and a TYYA A360

Konika Minolta   DryPro 793

Unit was removed from a working facility. Unit powers on and passes all diagnostic tests.

Konika Minolta DryPro 793

Lunar   Pixi

GE Lunar Pixi for sale. Powers on, no equipment to test further. Comes from hospital upgrade. Please contact me via email or phone with offer.

Lunar Pixi

medicare   0125

complete x ray unit

medicare 0125

medicare   2010

good looking and less used mobile x ray michine available all accessories like cassettes ,table,lamp,tins....

medicare 2010

Picker   HF500

Fully operating xray tabe, tube, collimator and Kodak processor for sale. Also have an xray copy machine available.

Quantum   QT-750

Quantum Quiet Lift Table - Never Used

Quantum QT-750

Quantum/Toshiba Medical   T.rad plus

2.... 2006 Quantum/Toshiba T.rad plus KXO50G complete overhead xray systems. 600lb table weight limit

Quantum/Toshiba Medical T.rad plus



Sedical   A 6251-00

We have every thing you need to tae xrays. Tingle Med system Mount -TMA SCO multi graph Type 1 mx-8 Matr-600337 Dry type General purpose power transformer single and three phase 15-1500 KVA This equipment has only had 200 xrays taken on

Sedical A 6251-00

Shimadzu   MUX-100

Serial number 0162P73104. Excellent Condition.

shimatzu,simems,wipro GE  


Siemens   4803404X1953

This x-Ray machine is in great condition despite it age. The images are clear and the machine has a consistent work ethic!

Siemens   60 MA rashmi

2 x ray machines of Siemens made in india. Model 60 MA rashmi. 1 st machine 1984 make in working condition. 2nd machine 1996 non working condition.

siemens   axiom artis fc


Siemens   Axiom r200

Equipment is almost new, the clinic has been working only for 4 month, since then everything is assembled. We also sell other devices the hospital is full with all kinds of high brand equipment.

Siemens Axiom r200

Siemens   Mobilett xp digital

Siemens   Mobilette XP CR 560

I have available (4) 2008 Siemens Mobillette XP-CR units

Siemens Mobilette XP CR 560

Siemens   Mobilit XP

I want to purchase portable x-ray from Siemens prefer Mobilit XP with latest manufacturing date.

SIEMENS   Mobillet XP CR (01818959)

Was used like backup unit at the imaging center.

SIEMENS Mobillet XP CR (01818959)

Siemens   Multix

Radiographic system with Polydoros 50XL- still installed and operational- Many more pictures available.

Siemens Multix

Siemens   Polymobil III Plus

I need quote for Polymobil III Plus Regards, Davide Scafa

siemens   poymobil

We are looking for a Siemens Polymobil.

Siemens/ KODAK   ITX 560

Last week I got 3 ITX 560 models. Two models made in 2007 and one model made in 2007. Systems came from Local hospital. Please make offer for 3 systems



Summit   Nova

Summit 125ma/325kv, Summit B3000. with bucky stand. also steel xray film cabinet available.

Summit   Nova

125 KV/325 ma. One owner, very light usage, excellent condition. Off line since 2006.

Summit Nova

Summit   Nova 325/Collimeter Lx125

Single Owner. Well Maintained. X-Ray Equipment complete with X-Ray Table with Bucky and a wall mounted Buckey. Great working condition.

Summit   Nova 360

Used Summit Xray machine for sale. Nova 360. Used but in good working condition.

Summit Nova 360

Summit   VT 350

Summit VT 350 2 lead Aprons Purchased 5/28/1997 Used (rarely -- one or twice a year) Trying to sell. Excellent condition

Summit VT 350

Summit Industry   A360

X-ray Elevating Four Way Floating Table 300 mA Standard Frequency Rotational Tube Stand Wall Stand CR System XP2 Work Station by Fuji

Tecnomed USA   1230-1

I am interested in selling an Xray machine, table, tube, etc. I am entertaining any offer. The unit will need to be deinstalled.

Tingle   TXR

New Display Panel and New Generator take great pictures. Have a great processor and cassettes as well.

Tingle X-ray   TXR 325-1

Emitter, Buckystand, Transformer, Stand controls. Chiropractic Clinic moving to larger space. All equipment is deinstalled and ready for sale. Very good condition.

Tingle X-ray TXR 325-1

Toshiba   KXO-80G

Overhead Tube crane, no table, used in Emergency dept so all imaging done on stretchers. Excellent condition. Service and Physicists reports available. Photos to be loaded soon as possible.

Toshiba   TXR12 13-FBT-

Toshiba TXR12  13-FBT-

Transworld   325 MP # A1-4030

Fully operational equipment with continental x ray table and chest stand. Fairly good condition. Comes with installation guide and operator manual. Deinstalled in 2001 due to staffing difficulty.

Transworld   325V

Looking to sell this machine for whatever I can get out of it. Is there a market for it?

Transworld   360v

This equipment is in excellent working condition. I need to sell the unit because I am moving my office will not need it there.

Transworld 360v

Transworld   A2-5000

Serial # N-5820 I have pics on my phone I will be happy to email to you,please email me an email or I can text to a phone#. If you call please ask for Nancy, Thanks!


looks like new need removed due to office closed.

United Radiology System   PXP-15HF

Only used ~20times since bougth brand new. Working mostly at hospital now and do not need to use any more. In BRAND NEW condition, what a deal, why buy new?

United Radiology System PXP-15HF

Universal   APX525

Equipment works great going to sell with PACS with back up. comes with table wall buckey 4 slot FUJI reader and imaging plates.

universal   axr

2009 universal control panel and generator 4 1997 fuji 4 slot reader work station and pacs sytem this is a complete sytem wall bucky and 4 way floating table in great shape.

universal axr

universal   easymatic 300

110 kvp 300 ma fixed

Universal   Uni matic 325

Fully working we closed our other location and need to sell all items inside. Completely working great condition. Have many more pictures please ask!

Universal Uni matic 325

Univesal   easymatic 325

I have an xray machine. Universal easymatic 325, Chemtron UX 50H-40m Sybron liebel Florsheim 2/80. I am the landlord of a medical office and am remodeling the xray room into a conference room and will look to sell or trash the unit today.

Univesal easymatic 325

villa sistemi   see description

villa sistemi medicali rotograph plus mod 9308125311 xray control mod 830673000 tube housing assy mod mr05 xray tube mod opx 105 mfd december 2002 plus accy.

villa sistemi   see description

villa sistemi medicali rotograph plus mod 9308125311 xray control mod 830673000 tube housing assy mod mr05 xray tube mod opx 105 mfd december 2002 plus accy.

villa sistemi see description


We have 3 Refurbished, never used Grey monitors.

Wuestec   www G0301

One owner, used at 1 clinic,and deinstalled ,equipment ready for sale.Includes Compugen G0301,Midwest Grid Cabinet,Developer,Table,tube,collimator,film loading bin,cassettes,lead apron,and view box.Make me a reasonable offer.

Wuestec www G0301

Wuestec/Eureka   WWG 0301

x-cel   MB-700 r/c

the x-ray was only used for approximately 40-50 films in 2004 and than not used due to office moving. perfect condition with orthoposer. designed for Podiatric use. picture is just head unit. it was removed from orthoposer for storage purpo

x-cel MB-700 r/c

x-cell X-ray   P-700

Podiatry xray machine, great condition.

x-cell X-ray P-700

XMA   A717

X-ray machine is in good used condition. Has been serviced every year. Comes with the x-ray machine and the developer.

XMA 325   A300

I had previously sent you an email with all the equipment information that we have. The equipment functions good and it is in well kept condition.

XMA 325 A300

YORK   C 325

YORK C 325

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