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For Sale By Owner Imaging Equipment

. . .

Raytheon   325

Raytheon 325 generator 300 ma@ 125/ cvp elevates table 4 way float. Fm tube stand Upright buckie Fully operational Works great 4500.00

Raytheon 325

Siemens   Allegra

Siemens Allegra

Bone Densitometers . . .
Any   Any

Testing by HMS..!!

Any   Any

Testing By HMS..!!

GE   Bravo

Works great. We just need that room for another purpose.

GE Bravo


GE Luna IDXA full size bone densitometer; pediatric enabled; very good condition

GE   Lunar

Please see attached photos. Dexa machine not in working condition. We are looking to sell "as is". Please call.

GE Lunar

GE   Lunar Prodigy 7402

serial # 0012-117216

GE Lunar   IDXA

I have a customer looking to replace their old GE Lunar Prodigy with a newer system that is capable of doing forearms. Can you send me a quote with Applications. We can do the installation and service but would want a 30 day parts warranty

GE LUNAR   Prodigy

Excellent condition. This unit has been under service contract since purchased. Spine, Hip and total body software . Dicom compatible.

GE LUNAR Prodigy

general electric   DF81246

GE Lunar Prodigy is like new, only has been used less than 100 times.

Hologic   010-0575

good - very good condition

Hologic 010-0575

hologic   10-0575

2005 Hologic QDR Disovery C Bone Density System Software Version: 12.4 Model: 010-0575 Includes: Workstation, Software, Positioners, QA Phantom, Manuals Unit is installed




Hologic   Discovery P Bone

X-ray source is broken

Hologic   Discovry SL

Hologic Discovery SL (supine lateral) scan hips, lumbar spine, forearms and vertebral fracture assessment. It's a mobile bone density lab.

Hologic Discovry SL

Hologic   Discovry SL

2006 Hologic Discovery SL (supine-lateral) mounted in a 2006 Chevy Startrans Van.

Hologic Discovry SL

Hologic   Discovry SL SN#82384

Very nice machine operated by only a single user.

Hologic Discovry SL SN#82384

Hologic, Inc   QDR-4500

lunar   DPX-MD

doctor retired and we do not use it anymore, practice has changed to pediatric more than older patients. need the room so would like to get rid of it, worked great and did do a lot of bone d's while in use

Norland   433A063

In excellent condition. Paid $6,000 for Illuminatus System Upgrade in Jan 2015. We are moving and have no room for it.

Norland 433A063

Norland   Excell


Prodigy   6838

GE lunar dexascan machine we are looking to selling.

Toshiba   Y


Toshiba   Y


C-Arms . . .

Dear Mr l ask price for this equipment

  pv libra

GE/OEC   9600


GE/OEC 9600


OEC(GE) Mobile C-arm x-ray system- 15kW Generator/Dual Monitors, Image Intensifier 23/17 cm, MaxiPlus X-ray Tube (DOM) 11/08, DICOM Interface, Foot Switch. I think the manufacturing date is August 1996 but I am not sure.


Philips   BV300plus

Very lightly used. Serves mainly as a backup unit for Polystar. Included in the price is a Biodex table - not height adjustable

Philips BV300plus

Philips   Libra

2002 Philips BV Libra with 2007 tube. 9" ii and vascular. Unit is in excellent shape!

Philips Libra

Siemens   Arcadis Avantic

Equipment in good working condition.

Siemens Arcadis Avantic

Siemens   Arcadis Avantic

Siemans Arcadis Avantic C-Arm

Siemens Arcadis Avantic

Siemens   Arcadis Orbic 3-D

Arcadis Orbic 3D, perfect working condition, under continuous service contract with Siemens since 2007. Has roadmaping and DSA.

Siemens Arcadis Orbic 3-D

Siemens   Arcadis Orbic 3-D

Arcadis Orbic 3D, perfect working condition, under continuous service contract with Siemens since 2007. Has roadmaping and DSA.

test   test


test   test


Zeihm   Vision

Zeim Vision C-Arm works fine

Cath Labs . . .
Any   Any

Cath.Angio Lab.

Any   Any

Cath.Angio Lab.

siemens   Artiom Axis dTC

If interested will send you details

Siemens   Axiom Artis DTA

35x35cm detector, tube from 2015, system will come out Q1 2015. Please send me your best offer

Siemens Axiom Artis DTA

CT Scanners . . .


GE   Highspeed Advantage

single slice-lead collimation on both sides of slice produces excellent contrast to noise and rock solid CT# and resolution

Hitachi   CXR4

Good Afternoon - I know someone selling this equipment. Offering at $32K, no installment included. Please contact me if interested. Thank you

I-Cat   17-19

Cone Beam CT


Aqillon 16.In good working condition but at present without tube which is concked off 1 wk back

Toshiba   X vision real

Fluoroscopy Equipment . . .
GE   legacy DRS

Complete RF Suite

GE legacy DRS

OEC   9000

OEC 9000 C-arm - Refurbished, purchased in 2011, very minimal use for pain management procedures, excellent condition, recent service, all paper work available. Office is closing.

OEC 9000

Philips   BV Pulsera

2002 BV Pulsera made by Philips with DFI load error software problem. Please contact for price.

Philips BV Pulsera

Philips   Eleva

Interested in purchasing a FR machine

rrrr   rrr


Toshiba   Infinix cc fpd

We have for sale an Infinix cc fpd. Located in Italy. Can be crated and shipped.

Toshiba Infinix cc fpd

Mammography Equipment . . .

Can you tell price and more details


FUJIFILM FCR Clearview 1m used for digitizing mammogram films. Excellent condition. Have gone to Hologic 3D digital mammography equipment so no longer have need for this unit.


Ge   Not Mentioned

I want to sell my old mammography & 500ma x-ray machine

General Electric   800T

Mamograph Unit Model 800T w/console, Lead Glass & Accesories

General Electric 800T

General Electric   DMR+

Equipment left in Storage

General Electric DMR+


My radiology office in Old Lyme Ct has sold. I have the following equipment to sell and remove: working X-Ray unit, Lorad mammo unit (ACR accredited), Norland DXA unit and processor. Would like to sell and remove ASAP


My radiology office in Old Lyme Ct has sold. I have the following equipment to sell and remove: working X-Ray unit, Lorad mammo unit (ACR accredited), Norland DXA unit and processor. Would like to sell and remove ASAP

Lorad   M-IV

Equipment Left in Storage

Lorad M-IV

Siemens   Inspiration

Siemens Inspiration FFD Mammography system. Its fully functional, manufactured on 2011. Recently passed ACR accreditation on April 7, 2015. Here I have a company that can take care of all the packing/crating and shipping.

Siemens   Nova 3000

Equipment Left on Storage

Siemens Nova 3000

MRI Equipment . . .

2009-2012   GE, Siemens

any   3.0 T

I am interested in MRI machines 3.0 T.

Fonar   Upright

We have a 2004 Fonar Upright MRI magnet for sale. The magnet is in perfect condition and is serviced every month by a Fonar technician.

GE   GE Signa profile

We are planning to sell the MRI Which is in working condition in our hospital .it's an used 0.2 tesla GE make bought in 2001 .

GE   signa 7Te

Ge Open Mri

GE   Signa HDxt 3.0T

Equipment in use, ready to be inspected at any time. More details on request

GE Signa HDxt 3.0T

Hitachi   Airis II

Airis II hitachi open MRI for sale. If interested in purchasing please contact me.

Hitachi   Airis II 0.3T Open

Hitachi   C289 Airus II

Airus II excellent condition for sale. Looking to upgrade.....

Philips   1.0T Intera

Philips 1.0T Intera

Philips   Panorama 1T

Me puedes cotizar este equipo que tienes en venta Philips Panorama 1.0T - Open MRI

Siemans   Allegra

Siemans Allegra

SIEMENS   1.5 Tesla Avanto


SIEMENS 1.5 Tesla Avanto

Siemens   Avante

We are looking for MRI restublished

siemens   c

Siemens   Symphony

1.5 T symphony short bore MRI

Nuclear Medicine Equipment . . .
?   ?

Nuclear Medicine Equipment

philips   Cardio MD III

Perfectly functioning complete Cardio MD, with original Philips UPS/surge suppressor(4,500.00 new).

Philips   CardioMD

Perfect condition-camera and computer

Philips CardioMD

Phillips   CardioMD

CardioMD and Pegasys processing station in good working order. Available July 2017. Also have a GE Millenium Myosight with Xeleris 2.1 ver. processing station. Purchased in 2002 also in good working order, also available in July 2017

Phillips   SKYLight Infinix

This equipment comes from a closed hospital that merged with another area hospital to help lower costs! It is complete with all current software and hardware upgrades! Motivated seller as needs gone before Jan 2016.

Phillips SKYLight Infinix

Oncology Equipment . . .
Lap_ Laser   Dorado CT-4-3

LAP Laser Installed at a PET center but never used. Manufactured date is 5-31-2007.

Lap_ Laser Dorado CT-4-3


Seimens Primus LINAC in active use. 6/10 MV, multiple electron energy and portal imaging.

Zeiss   Intrabeam

Zeiss Intrabeam

PET Scanners . . .
simens   Ecat Accel LSO/Gating

Cardiac PET system in coach with hot lab. fully loaded with all software options Currently in use, available int 3 weeks.

Ultrasound Machines . . .

GE   Voluson 730 pro

Interested to sell my GE voluson 730 pro with 3 probes, 2D abd, 3D abd, 3D Tv. Looks brand new and functional!

Hologic   Sahara

Hologic Sahara Clinical Bone new/seldom used. Padded carrying case with rollers All manuals, videos Intake forms Tape Gel Needs transducer pads

Philips   IE33 Xmatrix

Systems software: DEMO system Probes incl.: L9-3 SN B0FT4Q (Linear),S5-1 SN B0L50K (Sector) DICOM 3.0, adult and pediatric cardiology, stress echo, tissue doppler imaging, TDC

Philips IE33 Xmatrix

Siemens   Elegra

Very lightly used. 3.5, 7.5, 12 mHz and endocavity probes

Siemens Elegra

SIUI   CTS 8800

Includes pronter and mobile stand. Although machince is portable, it had never been taken out of office. Original owner and unit is in excellent condition

X-Ray Equipment . . .

looking for a xr unit for a new urgent care in naples. anticipate 5 to 20 xr patients daily. refurbished d r unit ok. thinking mobile to ease the building coeds. thanks john



Barely used practically new digital xray, DEXA, and portable ultrasound for sale by end of february. Please email me if you are interested.


I have the entire x-ray setup in my garage right now including everything you would need. I cannot get a picture of it right now. The machine worked great when it was last hooked up a few months ago. Looking to sell it as soon as possible.


I am interested in buying used x-ray, portable, mobile and fixed, for resale in Mexico, which offer your application and send your best price, greetings equipment.



Digitalxry machine 300mA --500MA

ADONIS   300MA high frequency

300 MA High frequency X Ray machine with Table & stand in brand new condition

ADONIS 300MA high frequency




AFP   AFP Mini Med 90

Closing Orthopedic Practice. Lightly used, regular maintenance AFP Mini Med 90 x-ray processor. Professionally drained and uninstalled for storage.

AFP AFP Mini Med 90


Scoliosis board for CR cassettes. Has a removable grid. will get year manufactured and model type. Used 3 times and stopped because a digital room was purchased with scoliosis stitching software




AIC   Mini Med

Plain film x-ray processor in great working condition!


good equipment but old never hasd a problem with any of it. Best offer

Bennett   C835S

Single phase unit with tilting bucky, headclamp, telescoping tube mount etc.

Bennett C835S

Bennett   CM-425 & T425

Good working condition and still in use. Includes Canon Processor and cassettes

Bennett CM-425 & T425

Bennett   D-325

Bennett control model number D-325 manufactured 1987 & D-50M component model number manufactured 1993 with AFP mini-med 90 film processor.

Bennett D-325

Bennett   D50M

Film X ray machine. Currently not in use.

Bennett D50M

Bennett   HCMI

Bennett HCMI

Bennett   hfo-300se/A-172F

Bennett hfo-300se/A-172F

Bennett   HFQ 3000SE

We have digitalized the x-ray machine.

canon   cxdi-40eg

selling a DR unit Canon CXDI-40EG. Comes with Chest Stand, Bucky, detector, monitor, computer, software. Unit was only used from 2010 to 2013.

canon cxdi-40eg

Carestream   Vita-LE

Carestream Vita-LE digital CR system. Works perfectly. 2- 10X12 cassettes and Dell computer PACS system

Carestream Vita-LE

Collimater   LX 125

We have about 20 medical equipment lots this week including X-Ray Machines, Autoclave, Bellows Pump, Fixer & Developers Drum and more. Visit to preview all items. No Reserve auction all items start at $10.

Collimater LX 125

Del   VZW2556RE5-04

CM 40 KV Class IIB machine with wall bucky. Used in chiropractic office and in excellent cosmetic and working order. This unit is currently installed and operational.

Del VZW2556RE5-04

Del Medical   Dynarad HF 110

Great portable X-ray unit. Easily transported in a van. Not suitable for my circumstance but would be great for yours. Already ready to ship.

Del Medical Dynarad HF 110

Duocon   Duocon L/M

Is in working order but has not been serviced for several years. Very few cosmetic blemishes.

Duocon Duocon L/M

Dynarad   HF 110

Great condition Low volume clinic Not currently in use

Dynarad HF 110

Dynarad   HF 110 A

Excellent portable xray unit. In excellent condition. Works well with high definition digital systems. Excess to current needs.

Dynarad HF 110 A

Dynarad   PH-150-S

Attached is a picture of the machine

Dynarad PH-150-S

Fischer   300ma

Last certified by Dept. of Nuclear Safety 2014. Tilt table, rotating tube

fischer   366006

1980s fischer x ray unit, fully functioning and in good condition. Comes with 3 viewboxes, 4x 10x12" screens, 4x 14x17 screens

Fischerimaging   GCM-25

I just bought the Medical practice; Here is n old Analog XRay Machine; I do not want to convert to Digital. Instead I plan to sell it.

Flow Xray   HDX

I have a Flow Xray HDX Portable dental xray system. It has been tested and all preliminary tests pass. It is very clean and has not been used much. It still has that new electronic smell (not kidding) . All manuals included.

Flow Xray HDX

Fuji   Clearview and XG5000

We will have (2) Fuji Readers for sale on June 1st. An XG5000 and a Clearview. Please let me know if you have any interest and I can send you pictures and any additional information.

Fuji Clearview and XG5000


routine single phase x-ray unit with floating table top and upright stationary grid

GE style   HV bleeder

I have test equipment for sale. Oscilloscope, HV bleeder, etc. I interested please contact me.

GE style HV bleeder

Gendex "Universal"   AP500

Equipment is in Great shape, barely used. Partner left practice and it has sat unused since. Been told great machine to go digital with. I Send out for xray. and will be leaving current location.


H.L. Lyons Company   3300BM36

This is a wall stand for analogue x-rays that we are no longer using. This is for the stand only. It will hold 8"x10" up to 14"x36" cassettes.

H.L. Lyons Company 3300BM36

Hologic   Discovery A

our hologic discovery A osteodansitometer is in good condition and was exclusively dedicated to research on Body Composition Analysis of small animals (rodents) and minipigs.

Hologic Discovery A

InfiMed   IMX 200

Digital image processing operates beautifully.

InfiMed IMX 200

JPI   JPI-33

JPI-33 Automatic X-Ray Processor Very good condition. Everything works on it. Extremely clean and taken care of very well. First $500 takes it


Konica Image Pilot   Regius 110

Excellent condition Konica CR with Image pilot program and windows 7. 45 Plates per hour. Comes with 2- 10x12 and 2- 14x17 cassettes. Was installed new on 12/31/2013. Asking $8,000 or best offer. Available 5/1/2017.

Konica Image Pilot Regius 110

Konica Minolta   Regius 110

Konica Minolta Direct Digitizer Regius Model 110. Lightly used in Rural health clinic. Windows XP, 2 - 14x17 and 2 - 24x30 cassettes

Konica Minolta Regius 110

LIFEX   60 MA portable

60 MA portable machine with good working condition.No bucky only chest stand.

LIFEX 60 MA portable

LogicRad   P1R5.1

Radiograph Digital Converter

LogicRad P1R5.1

Philips   Easy diagnost Optimus 65

R/F Room (Philips Easy Diagnost Optimus 65, Infimed PlatinumOne RF, Infimed Innovision SF, etc)

Philips Easy diagnost Optimus 65

Pinnacle   HF Radiographic Suite

32 kW/125 k Vp High Frequency Radiographic Generator;XRAY tube; Floor Mounted Tubestand; Deluxe 4way Float Top table; Vertical Wall Stand; Manual Collimator

Pinnacle HF Radiographic Suite

Please see equipment  

Digital xray unit with Atlaim DR system. Control panel- Picker HF500 model 78025, Duocon M 150, Universal model PX-1351C Chiro Tubestand model 3307B

Please see equipment

Profex   1500

I have an old Profexray unit with tube and bucky for sale. I also have a table top processor "AFP Imaging" unit. Would welcome someone to make offer.

Raytheon Medical System   FT -35 and RME-325R




mobile digital x ray machine

Shimadzu   ID150

Fully functional x-ray unit with a movable tube on a track and a standup Bucky against the wall. Control unit and leaded screen. 100300 MA , 1.2 KVA continuous, 70 KVA instant,

Shimadzu ID150

Shimadzu   MUX-100H-XC

Excellent working condition at the original clinic plugged in to power. Currently available.

Shimadzu MUX-100H-XC

Shimadzu   RadSpeed L50(32) kW

floor mounted unit with powered table and wall bucky.

Shimadzu RadSpeed L50(32) kW

siemen   UROSKOP Acess

Siemens Medical Systems, Mdl: UROSKOP Acess System, Monitor, Remote for the bed, X-ray imaging, Imager printer, Server for X-Ray, Siemens Bed unit, Siemens Optitop, Roehre/Tube, and Booms

siemens   any good one

price including delivery to nigeriaand expected time of delivery

Siemens   Axiom Artis DTA

Siemens Axiom Artis DTA

Siemens   Axion Ikonos R100

Dear Collegue, we can offer you the above unit incl. digital PC Flurospot Compakt for 27000 ¬ net EXW location of installation.


Siemens   Multix Pro

Used Siemens Multix Pro date of manufacture 2002 table wall buckey polydoris sx generator

Siemens Multix Pro

Siemens MOBILETT XP Digit   Siemens MOBILETT XP Digit


Siemens MOBILETT XP Digit Siemens MOBILETT XP Digit

Summit   D800/L550-18

This equipment was bought new in 2006 for a chiropractic office. It is current with all State Inspections and mandatory calibrations inspections. Want to sell all components due to an expansion in of the office and asking best offer.

Summit D800/L550-18

Summit   LX125 D800

Summit x-ray in great condition.

Summit LX125 D800

Summit   Nova 320

- Summit Nova 320 X-Ray machine - High voltage generator - X-Ray tube and housing assembly - Nova 320 control unit (300 MAS 125 KVP single phase) - Fischer Industries film processor

Summit Nova 320

Summit/Eagle & All Pro   F325

Generator Eagle, 200ma 125kvp, serial #2391, Summit/Eureka tube 1.0-2.0 f.s., insert E7239, collimator: LX125 manual, tubestand Summit floor to wall, upright cassette holder: Summit w/17x17 grid, All Pro 100 plus processor, accessories

Summit/Eagle & All Pro F325

Summit/NHD   300HF

Analog. 4-way float table. Wall buckey. 20kHz generator, single phase 240v. Wall mount. Anatomical programming with large LCD. Pedestal mount for operators console.

Summit/NHD 300HF

Tingle X Ray   XRT 325-1

Chiropractic office setting used Xray equipment. Working perfectly. Please, send us estimate price. Thanks.

Toshiba   345


Toshiba   KXO-80G

Overhead Tube crane, no table, used in Emergency dept so all imaging done on stretchers. Excellent condition. Service and Physicists reports available. Photos to be loaded soon as possible.

Toshiba   xkr


Toshiba   xkr


toshiba , rotanode tm.   E7239

toshiba , rotanode tm. E7239


Make: Transworld Purpose: Chest X-Ray/Chiropractic Care Serial No: 9L2269 Tag ID: 23301

Transworld   325V

Looking to sell this machine for whatever I can get out of it. Is there a market for it?

Transworld   360V

Transworld 360V X-ray machine for sale from primary care practice in Griffin Ga. Machine components are ready for pick-up at storage unit. Unsure of functionality.

Transworld 360V

Universal   Uni-matic 325

The equipment has been used for x-ray training (positioning) has a 4 way float table and wall cassette holder. Non-working generator and transformer.

Universal Uni-matic 325

Universal   Upright Raymaster

Universal C2 Upright Raymaster X-ray system. Anthem 30-400mA high frequency generator. Wall cassette holder will hold up to 14x36 full spine films. Floor and wall mounted. Bought new in 2011. Has less than 500 exposures on the tube.

Universal Upright Raymaster

Valuegen   V-425

High Freq, Triple Phase. Great working condition. Needing more room in the clinic.

Valuegen V-425

Vetray   CCD capture device

14x17 CCD capture device in good working order. Also available complete setup including Adtek x-ray generator (300 ma) , table, laptop, wall monitor. $5000 for all. You pick up. Picture available upon request.

VetXray   Navigator3500

I am the new office manager here. I have asked the previous manager for the last service date and I will get that to you if your interested. I do know that the generator has been replaced more than once so it is not as old as the rest.

VetXray Navigator3500




Includes everything you need to start taking good quality x-rays.


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