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Used Analog Mammography System For Sale, GE Senographe DMR+

Category: Mammography Equipment Item: Analog Mammography System
Manufacturer: GE Model: Senographe DMR+
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Item ID: 693 Year: Unknown
Description: Senographe DMR+ Overview

"Our diagnostic confidence has increased with the Senographe DMR. Our DMR images are more than simply diagnostic. They're all of conference quality. And that's truly consistently, over the full range of patients." Senographe DMR user

Follow the Leader

Over the years, GE's Senographe series has set the performance standards by which all other mammography systems are measured. Our engineers have developed one innovation after another, advancing the state of the science - and firmly establishing Senographe as the world leader, with the largest mammography installed base.

Their latest contribution is the development of the Senographe DMR+. Based on a legacy of image quality leadership, plus innovation. New user friendly features such as 5 photocells for a wider range of breast placement, to digital angulation display, hands-free compression, and vertical height adjustment allow more interaction with the patient.

In Mammography, Image Quality is Everything

For mammographers, nothing is more important than the diagnostic confidence that results from superb image quality. And no system outperforms the Senographe DMR+, with its new dedicated mammography MaxiRay x-ray tube, and new SharpIQ grid for cleaner images.

Superb Penetration

The Senographe DMR+ features the unique new MaxiRay mammography tube - the only bi-metal rhodium/molybdenum tube with inner focusing cone. Rhodium's higher x-ray spectrum provides for superior penetration of the dense breast tissues. This new tube features unequalled image quality in magnification with the most powerful focal spot in the industry. Exposure time in magnification is reduced by up to 40% over previous tubes, minimizing the motion blurring that can necessitate retakes.

The MaxiRay tube's inner focusing cone eliminates scatter, even when no grid is used - such as during magnification views.

Low-dose Results

Clinical experience has shown that our rhodium track reduces dose by up to 40% in examinations of dense breasts, without compromise in image quality. In addition, the DMR+ automatically cuts off the exposure at the beginning if the parameter selection is incorrect, avoiding unnecessary x-ray dose to the patient and minimizing retakes.

Image Clarity

The DMR+ SharpIQ grid system optimizes the anti-scatter grid movement for each exposure, ensuring exceptional image clarity.

Consistency, Reproducibility and Automatic Optimization of Parameters -- a GE Exclusive

AOP, the most sophisticated on the market, uses the first .015 seconds of the exposure to automatically determine and apply the optimal kV, filter and track selection according to the composition of the breast under study. The results: consistently excellent image quality at the lowest possible dose, faster exams and, according to 89% of AOP users, a significant reduction in the need for retakes, all at the touch of one button.

Built-in Upgradeability

The DMR+ has been designed to meet your needs today -- and to continue meeting them as they evolve.

For example, it's MQSA- compliant, and will meet these stringent equipment regulations through 2002 and beyond

It's already compatible with the leading-edge SenoVision digital spot and stereotactic system, as well as other leading biopsy devices.

And, perhaps most important, it's designed to allow you to transition easily to Senographe 2000D Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM).

Intuitive Design

Senographe DMR+ offers both the proven track record of a market leader and innovative features that provide an easy way for you to deliver quality care.

Digital parameters display, Flipping markers, Single magnification stand...

Five photocells and dual footswitch provide easy operation for the technologist.


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